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Why Get Certified? 

Why Get Certified?  

Certification is a reflection of your knowledge, competence, and clinical judgment in your practice area. Certification examinations are updated periodically to reflect current, evidence-based practice, and tests are evaluated to be psychometrically sound. When you pass the exam, or provide evidence that you are qualified to recertify, you are demonstrating that you are knowledgeable in your practice area and have demonstrated application of your knowledge in practice.

Certification increases your confidence. Data from nurses around the country has shown that nurses who are certified perceive a higher level of confidence in their own knowledge and skills as well as their ability to mentor others.

Certification is a statement of your commitment to quality in your practice. Being proactive in seeking this status is evidence that you value your work and are committed to being the best you can be.

Certification inspires confidence among your patients and your colleagues. Many times, patients will ask nurses about the additional credentials on their name badges. When they become aware of the importance and value of certification, they often request to be cared for by nurses who have that certification. Colleagues often seek out certified nurses, because they trust that person’s knowledge and skills.

Certification opens the door for promotions and new opportunities in nursing. Organizations often look for certified nurses to serve in leadership roles – from the bedside to the boardroom. In some cases, nurses who are certified have higher pay scales than those who do not hold certification.

Certification improves patient outcomes in many situations. Numerous research studies in the past 5 years have shown a link between the number of certified nurses in a particular practice area and better outcomes for patients in those areas. For this reason, many employers are now encouraging and supporting nurses in achieving and maintaining certification.

As stated on the ANCC web site, “The ANCC Certification Program enables nurses to demonstrate their specialty expertise and validate their knowledge to employers and patients. Through targeted exams that incorporate the latest clinical practices, ANCC certification empowers nurses with pride and professional satisfaction” (https://www.nursingworld.org/certification/)

What are the steps to enroll in the Success Pays® program through MNA?

What are the steps to enroll in the Success Pays® program through MNA?

  1. Go to the ANCC web site to verify that you meet the eligibility requirements to sit for the exam (https://www.nursingworld.org/our-certifications/)
  2. Contact MNA to share interest in applying for an initial exam or for recertification.
  3. Identify the exam, the target date for submitting the application, and the target date for taking the exam (don’t need specific dates, but 2nd week of March type information would be helpful)
  4. Receive your unique certification code from MNA. This is an exclusive code; DO NOT SHARE THIS CODE WITH OTHERS.
  5. Go to the ANCC certification page to complete the application for your specific test.
  6. Answer all questions and upload all required documents.
  7. Enter code as directed (unique code provided by MNA) to create a “0” balance.
  8. Notify MNA when you receive notification that your application has been approved.
  9. Notify MNA whether you pass or not as soon as the test is completed. If you did not pass and plan to retake the test, notify us of that intent, and complete the application process as before, except that any required documents do not have to be uploaded the second time.
  10. When you pass the test, you will be invoiced for $260, which must be paid to MNA within 30 days. A late fee will be assessed for any invoices not paid within the 30 days.
Why don’t I see the certification I want listed?

Why don’t I see the certification I want listed?

Some certifications are only available for renewals, not initial certifications. 

To find eligibility requirements for the renewal certifications, type all or part of the certification name in the search bar and be sure to switch the option in the drop-down menu next to the search bar to “Renew Certification”.  (All certification requirements can be found here: https://www.nursingworld.org/our-certifications/

Why can’t I find a list with reduced pricing?

Why can’t I find a list with reduced pricing? 

All certifications through this member benefit with MNA will cost $260 if you pass.  This web page will only have the standard pricing and ANA member direct pricing, but your price will still be $260.  After you submit your request to MNA using the form on www.cnebymna.com/success-pays/ MNA will verify your membership status and integrate you into the benefit system for the discount.  After that, you will receive a unique discount code from MNA that will bring your exam fee to $0 online when you apply, and then you’ll be invoiced directly from MNA after you pass.  

Why is the certification I want not listed? Why are the credentials different than what I’ve seen?

Why is the certification I want not listed?  Why are the credentials different than what I’ve seen?

These eligible certifications are all offered through the American Nurses Credentialing Center.  Certifications through specialty nursing organizations are not eligible for this program. 

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