The MNA board of directors, with thoughtfulness and realistic expectations related to the Covid Virus crisis we are all battling, have unanimously moved to cancel the 2020 MNA Convention, however, will continue the business of the association by hosting, on Friday, October 9th,  2020 a virtual meeting of the House of Delegates (HOD).   This 2020 MNA meeting of the HOD will be from 9am – 11am, and cover essential business items and elections to move the association forward while remaining compliant and dedicated to our elective process.

We can accomplish this by zoom as it will accommodate voting delegates, along with the board members, to participate together and carry out the business of the association during this challenging time in our lives.  There will be no registration fee for delegates to participate, saving the districts money.  District Delegates will be nominated and elected following the same process we have done in the past. The obligation for those elected delegates will now be with the knowledge that their critical role in this process will be to attend a 90-minute virtual meeting of the HOD. The MNA elections will proceed as it has in the past with Election America and the ballot going out to the entire membership.

Any member can submit legislative platform changes, resolutions, or significant bylaw changes for HOD to address to To view MNA’s legislative platform and bylaws go to our website

Important Communication for Continuing Education

These are unprecedented times and a time for creativity and innovation and we will be celebrating the “Year of the Nurse” in ways we hadn’t imagined!

MNA doesn’t want our nurses to get the impression that “we aren’t doing continuing education (CE)” due to canceling convention, however, it’s just that MNA will be making a number of web-based materials available for members throughout the year rather than having one concentrated time for CE at the typical convention. While we won’t have continuing education sessions at the time of our virtual meeting of the HOD, many web-based educational materials are available for you on MNA’s web site: Several new and innovative materials are currently in development and will be posted throughout the year to meet our educational and licensure needs.